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Virtua, offers S.M.A.R.T. solutions to its customers.


  • Ethnographic Insight
  • Linguistic Insight
  • Projective Insight
  • Root-cause Study

  • Discovery of Your Target Audience
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Competition and Market Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Strategy Document
  • Marketing Ecosystem Set Up
  • Marketing Targets and KPIs
  • Marketing Budget Planning and Tracking/span>
  • Strategic Marketing Management

  • Consumer Trends
  • Educational Services
  • Company Analysis
  • Workshop Management & Moderation

From Us


There are many marketing solutions and consultancy companies, why should we your choice?

The experience of the Virtua Consult team from different sectors and areas of expertise has provided us with valuable observation opportunities in hundreds of projects from different sectors. We helped companies to take critical decisions on their valuable brands and helped them frow their business. We don’t just collect data, we create actionable business/marketing plans using data.

02 Our experience already proved us that very good business ideas cannot be implemented because they do not suit market conditions. Or we have witnessed companies missing attractive opportunities because they were not ready to implement the new business idea. However, the most common problem we encountered was that very good business ideas failed because they could not be explained correctly to consumers, despite all the technical preparations, company competencies and positive market conditions.


So we decided to develop a new formula specifically for companies that want to know exactly what needs to be done to increase their market share. The methodology that we use to analyze (your company, your market and your customers) and create solutions is quite different from other consultancy and research companies.


The secret formula we use for data collection solutions that make a difference is “anthropology”.

Anthropology: The science that allows us to understand human nature and culture through observation and empathy.

We also include experts our projects to accurately analyze the data we obtain by using anthropology or other disciplines. So, if we are working in banking, we include an expert from banking in the team, if we are working on a project on architectural software, we include an expert architect in our team.

In the final stage, we use our “marketing management” muscle to transform the data collected into marketing plans, we do not be modest on this point, we have strong marketers in our team.


Until 100 years ago, anthropology was used to understand non-Western cultures. Today, it is a discipline widely used by companies, states and non-governmental organizations that want to make a difference and, above all, understand human nature and culture.



In every project we carry out; we adopt an anthropological perspective. We prefer natural observations; we go out into the field and participate in the sales process like a saleman, or sometimes we experience the service offered like a customer. In the “field” where we consider the real world, we focus on the natural functioning of the market and calculate its growth potential.

IN THE PROJECTS WE CARRY OUT; Virtua anthropologists and sociologists are into the field, we observe actual field processes on-site using ethnographic methods. We observe every moment when your company products & services contact with the consumer. We are in the field with your employees, we record the consumer experience as it occurs, and we take into account all the opinions and suggestions coming from the field experts. The natural observation phase is a very very difficult methodology and can only be done properly by companies that are truly competent and experienced in this field. Virtua is Turkey’s best research/consultancy company that applies the natural observation method.


We include expert professionals from different disciplines in our team on a project basis. In all of these projects, we conduct projective in-depth interviews and analyze the inner world of consumers, understanding what is (or is not) said beyond what is said.


Our linguists read between the lines and listen to and analyze even the gossip spoken at home and on social media. We focus on how it is said as well as what is said, and we focus on decision processes and mechanisms that cannot be expressed directly.



We develop our insight models through scientific literature, market experience and intense effort. We listen, hear and understand the 3 sides of the truth – your company, the market and the customer. The final output is the S.M.A.R.T ® formula to suit your growth goals.

When we complete the insight study for your needs, we come up with a growth formula.

This formula:

  • Specific – Action-oriented, specific to your company.
  • Measurable – Clear business objectives.
  • Achievable – No big dreams, concrete objectives.
  • Relevant – Consumer focused, making sense for the consumer
  • Tangible – A concrete and actionable plan.

Smart solutions with the  S.M.A.R.T® formula.


To design a S.M.A.R.T ® formula specific to your company, we integrate three basic pillars – company, market and consumer- then we create a Virtuous Triangle® between your company, the market and your potential customers.


Virtua believe that a solution would not be successful if it is not in accordence with the company’s competence. Strategies created without analyzing competitive results will fail, and most importantly, that any approach that does not center the consumer cannot carry brands to success and growth.


Analyzing the words people use and understanding what lies beneath their conscious and unconscious behaviors requires expertise, empathy and experience. However the business results achieved are worth all these efforts.


Since we started working using the Virtuous Triangle® and S.M.A.R.T Formula, we have managed to realize successful projects for many companies. For the companies we serve, we took part in making many strategic decisions, to lead them to business growth, such as development of distinctive marketing ideas or identification of new target audiences. We provided a wide range of strategy services, from re-determining point of sale/shopper strategies to positioning brands. We also provided many supporting services, we develop communication strategies suitable for brand positioning, we write creative briefs and we take part in the construction of the marketing ecosystem.

Satış noktası (shopper) stratejilerinin yeniden belirlenmesine, pazara yeni giriş yapan veya mevcut markaların konumlandırmasının yapılmasına kadar geniş bir alanda strateji hizmetleri sunduk.

Bu hedeflerin hayata geçmesi için tasarlanan konumlandırmaya uygun iletişim stratejisinin geliştirilmesi, creative brief’lerin oluşturulması ve pazarlama eko-sisteminin kurgulanmasına kadar pek çok destekleyici hizmeti müşterilerimize sağladık.


In the projects that we developed S.M.A.R.T.® solutions, we also learned the importance of the complete implementation of the strategy is as vital as designing the right strategy. As Virtua, we also take responsibility for the implementation of the strategic solutions. We became a support marketing and support sales team for the companies we serve, ensuring the realization of targeted business results.


The secret of our success comes from the long years of work experience of our teammates.

The company’s marketing strategist, Murat Akdağ, started his career in sales at Gillette Company and then he took marketing roles in many markets. He continued by managing strategic marketing processes for both Gillette and Procter & Gamble brands in many markets in Turkey, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Due to his acumen and speed in implementing brand strategies, many companies such as Carrefour, Migros and Markafoni preferred him for the management of their most valuable brands.


Birol Dinçel is a sociologist specializing in natural observation and insight. He has worked on hundreds of business questions and participated in countless insight projects. He took part in the project of analyzing the customer mentality regarding many products and services offered both in Turkey and in many different markets.


Our goal is to produce marketing solutions based on data, which is what we love.


Our story always starts with a business question, continues with collecting data, analyzing the data, reaching insight, and ends with actionable, concrete solution suggestions. We have always done our homework well at Virtua and will continue to do so.

We have a tireless imagination that will make it possible to grow your business by truly understanding the way people think. If our promise seems different to you in a positive way and you would like to learn more about the services Virtua offers, please contact us.

Hope to meet you soon.